Covid-19 Update

The City of Lafayette, to further to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19, has ordered the Mary Miller Theater (home of the Theater Company of Lafayette/TCL) closed until further notice.

We would like to advise our patrons and friends that TCL is continuing its rehearsal activities for its summer offering of "Always a Bridesmaid" using available social media and other IT means to get the actors/characters to "interact." The present situation has presented the cast and crew with an opportunity to be creative in how we put this wonderful production together amidst the pandemic that has caused changes in our daily activities.

As we continue our rehearsals via Zoom, we wish everyone high hopes and good health. Thank you for your continued support of the Theater Company of Lafayette.

"Always a Bridesmaid” will be going up but we are still making final decisions on dates.

Thank you for your patience and for your support of TCL!

Board of Directors
Theater Company of Lafayette

A Socially Distanced Play Festival
Theater Company of Lafayette Presents

A Socially Distanced Play Festival

Virtually via YouTube, Instagram TV, and Facebook.

Each Friday at 7pm, a new play will appear:
Friday 6/26
Work Ethic by Katherine Dubouis
With Direction by Don Thumim 
Featuring Hannah Richards, Samantha Bolte-Woods, Madge Montgomery and Munam Goodwyn
Friday 7/3 
Dead-X by Deborah Finkelstein
With Direction by Emily Wright 
Featuring Shelby Beer, Evan Bracy, Heather Frost and Chris Pash
Friday 7/10
Life on The Internet by Katherine Dubouis
With Direction by Hannah Richards  
Featuring Joanne Neiderhoff, Karen Bertkau, and Renee Malis
Friday, July 17
You Know What’s Really Handy by C.P. Stancich 
With Direction by Madge Montgomery 
Featuring Preston Adams, Don Thumim, Judy Carlson, and Paul Wells
At Theater Company of Lafayette, we believe in the power of theater for story telling and the power of the black voice. We believe in equality and stand in solidarity. BLACK LIVES MATTER. “If art doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for?”Alice Walker
2020 Season
"It was the most intimate theater experience that I've had and that setting just added to an already powerful and emotional play."The Laramie Project opening night audience member